after 66 days, palestinian political prisoner khader adnan ends his hunger strike after his lawyer negotiated agreement that meets his minimum demands

Palestinian political prisoner Khader Adnan reportedly decided to end his powerful, inspiring, sobering and very life-threatening hunger strike of 66 days this evening after his lawyer negotiated an agreement with the military prosecutor that meets those conditions that Khader Adnan had apparently names as minimum in order for him to consider ending his hunger strike. the agreement will see Khader released on April 17, with the assurance  that he will not receive yet another order of “administrative detention“.

while I want to express my respect, admiration, gratitude and thanks to Khader Adnan and everyone who is part of the struggle to end his unlawful and immoral detention, let’s not forget that khader is still to be kept under “administrative detention” for another two months, even though he has not been charged with any crime!

let’s keep up the energy that khader’s empowering act of resistance has generated and continue to highlight the cases of the other 300+ Palestinians administrative detainees!

let’s call attention to the cases of over 4000 Palestinians, including over 160 children and five women who currently remain in brutal military prisons where torture, sexual abuse and denial of what are considered prisoners’ rights is common!

let’s continue to expose the cruelty of the arbitrary Zionist military legal system and with its military courts that is being forcefully imposed on Palestinians in their own homeland although they have never recognized its claim to jurisdiction over them; let’s continue to emphasize that this system is designed  to attempt to grant an air of legitimacy to a fundamentally flawed, unjust and racist practice of randomly imprisoning Palestinians in order to both justify and distract from the ongoing colonization and annexation of their lands, that it is a maze of laws designed specifically to mask the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine.


let’s unite even more to help free the remaining two prisoners who are considered to be at risk – writer and political scientist Ahmad Qatamish (who was previously held for over five years in “administrative detention”) and nurse and paramedic Ayed Mohammad Salem Duden.

let’s keep up the inspiration and strength we gained through Khader’s indescribable resistance to FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS! Never doubt that, together, we can do so much more!


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