another child shot dead from air in gaza

hamid younes abu daqqa, sometime before today

today, during yet another attack that apparently left three injured, zionist army shot dead hamid younes abu daqqa in gaza. hamid was playing football (like ibrahim and mohammad a year and two months ago) when he was apparently shot from a military helicopter.

i haven’t been keeping up with the recent attacks on gaza. i have no idea how many people were injured, and no way of knowing how many of them were injured severely. i just counted and apparently hamid is the 26th palestinian in gaza to be shot dead in an attack of the zionist military since september 26. 26 direct murders (disregarding the murders in the rest of palestine or the dying of ppl due to the siege) in 360 square km in 44 days.

compilation of reports here. (there’s also been more outrageous arrests, more demolitions of homes, attacks on civilians, destruction of property and agricultural lands/trees, etc. in the last few days)

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