more on the murder of young samir awad

i didn’t realize that odai, anwar, mustafa and samir were all murdered in the last few days because they were close to the apartheid walls of the occupation… i didn’t realize this. it hits me differently. makes me wonder whether something’s brewing, one thinks these thoughts every once in a while.

a friend who works in the old city of hebron as a guide among others is saying that there have been a lot of changes over the past few months. the doors of houses on shuhada street were painted grey by the occupying army, a large asphalt parking lot was created in front of the synagogue-entrance of the ibrahimi mosque/abraham synagogue, and one street was turned into a one-way street, partially redirecting traffic effectively leading extremely fascist settler colonists to drive directly past a palestinian boys’ school – more clashes and more palestinian deaths in the making. she says people are saying something’s brewing in the old city, they are up to something. she speculates that they are creating situations that will likely increase clashes in order to use some incident in the near future as an excuse to further down parts of the old city to palestinians. i don’t know. makes me think of how they gunned down mohammad salaymah last month.

i didn’t go to samir’s funeral or to the ‘aza عزاء. the day of the funeral, we were caught up in an action and instead of funeral and feeling things and facing a reality of a murder, this action takes up one’s thoughts and feelings and a reality like samir having been martyred slips away, becomes less connected …to my reality. but it is. nariman, rushdi’s sister, went to the funeral. there is now a poster of samir in their homes in nabi saleh. uff, it’s painful to imagine going through that again, can only guess how she would feel seeing another sister cry for her murdered brother so after…

i thought about posting pictures of samir’s funeral or the attacks of the occupation army on the spontaneous protest against his murder that erupted afterwards, but there it feels wrong to spread images like that for reasons i’m not going to go into here. i’m not going to post images of his sisters, his brother, breaking down. but here are images of samir, just after he was shot. and yes, they are what they call “graffic”. i hope the families of the four boys find strength somewhere.





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