article: right wingers in tel aviv with nazi signs

what to say. i’m not surprised.

Right-wing demonstrators in Tel Aviv wore neo-Nazi shirts
Not only did the demonstrators beat leftists, they wore ‘Good night left side’ T-shirts, photographs show.

Some of the right-wing protesters who beat leftist demonstrators in Tel Aviv on Saturday night wore T-shirts bearing a neo-Nazi symbol, photos and videos show.

As shown on journalist Tal Schneider’s Hebrew-language blog, some of the right-wingers wore T-shirts bearing the slogan “Good night left side.”

Neo-Nazis in Europe wear shirts with this phrase, which accompanies an image of a man attacking a left-wing activist, denoted by a star or anarchy symbol. The online store Final Resistance offers clothing bearing neo-Nazi slogans – popular attire at rock concerts by far-right bands.

The emblem and slogan are a response to the original left-wing counterpart: “Good night white pride.”

The counterdemonstrations in Tel Aviv Saturday night took place at Habima Square in the center of town. Rightists got a chance to beat leftists when a rocket alert sounded and people ran for shelter. One man was rushed to the hospital, but no arrests were made.

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