talking to mohammad in gaza while houses near him get bombed

UPDATE: while talking to him, mohammad said that a house nearby was just bombed with people injured inside (just 20 meters from him, but he doesn’t dare go out and see the injured). also a kindergarden was now bombed, but it was empty. a little later, he said many buildings around them were being shelled. he wanted to talk to his mother (a friend from the west bank send him credit to his phone. then he went offline. now, reports of very heavy shelling, of injuries, buildings on fire, airstrikes, people trapped and ambulances not being able to reach them are coming from all over gaza. 11000 people are reporteldy homeless in gaza now because of the intentional destruction and damaging of homes.
finally talking to mohammad al zaza in gaza. mohammad lives right next to wafa hospital that was shelled badly thursday night (also read my previous post). he says his family left their home several days ago, they are now staying with different people in gaza city. his parents and younger siblings are staying with one sister, his other siblings with another, he’s staying elsewhere. he says – and we know – that israel is bombing plaes everywhere though. so when they shell or fire missiles at places in gaza city, he has to call his family to hear how they are doing. he last talked to his mother last night before his credit finished. he last saw them 8 days ago and he misses his mother. he last left the house he’s staying at 8 days ago. no one knows when (.. if) they will be reunited.
also, and just to emphasize that israel generally targets children, and not just now: three years ago, also during ramadan, at a time when israel was once again boming gaza for longer than a day, mohammad and his younger cousin ibrahim were playing in front of their house (also in front of wafa hospital) to kill time until iftar. and while there was no fighting going on anywhere near them, no indication of anything, a missile from an unmanned drone was suddenly fired at them. ibrahim later died in an israeli hospital from so many things i don’t even want to start, and mohammad was badly burned, seriously injured in many places and very traumatized.

it took over six months of intense care by a whole bunch of people and extremley generous donations for him to heal. only to be displaced and live in fear of yet more missile attacks again and again.
just ONE story of gaza, not even statistics.

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