activists in rome apply sanctions to israeli weapon provider northrop grumman

activists in rome applied their own sanctions against the local branch of “northrop grumman” that provides military gear to the zionists

Press released:

Palestine solidarity activists denounce and apply “sanctions” to the Italian branch of the US company selling military technology to Israel_ See the video:

Though hidden in the shadows of the more well-known Finmeccanica, the commitment to deadly weaponry of the Northrop Grumman Italy plant at Pomezia near Rome did not escape those who refuse to be complicit in Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people. Even a small component of a huge war machine, such as the M-346 trainer jets that Finmeccanica is providing to Israel, serves to complete the puzzle of multiple responsibilities for brutal massacres. And that is how Northrop Grumman Italy turns a profit, producing gyroscopes and fiber optics, essential devices of the M-346 military aircraft purchased by Israel to train assassins to fly next-generation fighter jets or to bomb with air-to-ground or anti-ship missiles. As death rains down on the Palestinian population from the skies over Gaza and the number of people killed and wounded continues to grow, Italy thought it appropriate to deliver the first two of the 30 M-346 trainers jets sold to the Israeli occupying forces, with the remaining aircraft to be delivered by 2016. The technology has many uses … so might say some of the researchers and workers, who are unaware of the final use of their creations. Northrop Grumman Italy consciously chooses to get rich by selling death via the Italian military industry, long-time supporter of Zionist oppression. We chose to apply our own sanctions on the company because we support the Palestinian population that has survived and continues to resist with dignity after 66 years of Israeli colonialism. You export war and destruction, but our solidarity knows no borders. Refuse the massacres, ethnic cleansing and Apartheid Boycott Israel and its accomplices Free Palestine! Antifascist activists of Rome”


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