two palestinians shot dead,many arrested in the rest of palestine

meanwhile, the nightmare, the context of colonization, apartheid, ethnic cleansing that is status quo in the rest of palestine AND in gaza when it is NOT bombed to pieces – and body parts – and the very same context that allows for the bombing of gaza in the first place, continues. and we are not paying attention.

yesterday, a settler just went and shot dead 21 year old mahmoud shawamra at the entrance to ar ram, central west bank. though not an isolated incident, this is something EXTRAORDINARY. an armed colonizer, basically a paramilitary, once more shot dead at a palestinian near HIS home – and no matter what circumstanes, there CAN be no excuse, yet this is no news. if a palestinian had killed a colonists – again on his land, not the colonists – the news would have been full with it. as it happens, colonists will likely face no consequences, impunity, encouragement to kill again. part of ethnic cleansing.

today, soldiers shot 32 year old mahmoud hamamra (shot in the chest) and 19 year old mohammad hamamra (shot in the head) and injured others in hossan, near bethlehem. countless young men are still getting arrested, some very brutally, in the west bank, in east jerusalem, and inside 48. as people protest against the ongoing killing of now almost 700 palestinians, there are clashes everywhere and more and more young men get injured.

we cannot separate gaza from the rest of palestine, we cannot separate the rest of palestine from gaza. i will try to write more about this tmw.


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