clashes when settler colonists attacked ras karkar at night

a bunch of settler colonists (ahmad says about 300) attacked the village ras karkar (ramallah area, near bil’in) last night. the mosques in the surrounding villages called for people to gather for support, which apparently many did, and supported the villagers in the clashes. abdallah (abu rahma)’s in-laws are from ras karkar, so he went with a bunch of bil’iners. in haitham’s video, you can see abdallah and mohamad (khatib) getting pepper spayed and/or “rough handled”. mohammad was arrested since the commander recognized him, then released again, then detained again and released again. everyone seems to be ok, no idea if the settler colonists inflicted any damage (other than breaking tommy’s camera)

since non-palestine-related friends tend to be more interested in my personal experience, i’ll personalize for u (if you’re not a non-palestine-related friend, ignore this part, seriously):
for a while now, i’ve been living in bethlehem, bil’in and nabi saleh, rotating kind of. yesterday morning, i left bil’in, and after attending a training in ramallah with mohammed, i came to bethlehem. before falling asleep, i texted back and forth with ahmad (mohammed’s brother), we wanted to talk about something, but everyone in the house here was already sleeping, so we postponed till today.

at night, i saw i got a msg from ahmad saying mohammad was arrested. ? (didn’t think they’d night-raid his house, so ??) msged back and forth, heard he was released, abdallah got injured, settler colonists had attacked and they all went. today more details, they didn’t attack bil’in but blocked to road of or entered outskirts of ras karkar where the family of abdallah’s wife is from. was a bit of absurd back and forth about arresting mohammad but anyway, ended well for the night i seems.
ahmad said a lot of people from various villages came, he said it was really nice 🙂




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