repost: video appears to document soldiers triumphant at remote-controled murder of palestinian during cast lead

while i find some posts by activists on the obviously brutal behavior of zionist soldiers sensationalist and uninformed, i do suggest that everyone watch/read and spread this post, which i think is very important. it tries to contextualize in english what appears to be a video documentation of something terrible and disgusting, although not new: of zionist soldiers laughing triumphantly when murdering – in this case via remote controle – a palestinian.

the link shows two audiovisual segments wherein what appear to be/sound like zionist soldiers are watching two (in first segment) or one (in second segment) individual(s) – assumedly palestinians – on a screen. the individual(s) appear to face the direction of camera and therefore indirectly the soldiers.

in the first segment, one individual, seemingly a woman, is clearly seen waving a white flag from beside the door of a building (another person appears to stand next to her in the doorway). the second segment is darker and less clear. it shows an individual, perhaps walking in a field. there is no other movement. the audiotrack of this segment features at least two male voices – apparently zionist soldiers – talking, with one at one point anouncing something like “and watch what happens in three seconds” – a flash is seen on the screen at approximately the head of the individual who then falls – “and that’s good/great/beautiful”.

read the text in the post, it is specific and makes a significant link.

Purported IDF video has men laughing as Palestinian is brutally killedAnnie Robbins and Phil Weiss on August 12, 2013

This video, lately posted on Facebook, is said by our source to be a leaked Israel Defense Forces video that shows the killing of a Palestinian civilian carrying a white flag during the assault on Gaza in December ’08-January ’09.

While it is not clear to us that the target of the killing is carrying a white flag, the video soundtrack includes Israelis observing the killing and laughing at the brutality of the attack– something like the famous Collateral Murder video from Baghdad in 2007 leaked by Wikileaks.

Our source forwarded an email in Arabic from the person who uploaded it, stating:

his message translates into: the incident took place in an unspecified location of eastern Gaza in the Cast Lead war. it has recently been leaked.

Here is a translation from Ofer of the Hebrew soundtrack on the video at about :50, which he assumed was of soldiers:

First soldier: Now pay close attention to what happens in 3 seconds
Second soldier: his head gets severed
First soldier: And…beautiful! His head lands [on the ground]

The one-minute-long Facebook post contains two videos. The first is of two people in the doorway of a house; a woman waves a white flag. The second shows two figures walking in a field. One appears to carry a white flag that flutters when he or she is struck down. It is unclear whether the two videos in the Facebook post are from the same incident.

The Goldstone Report to the UN Human Rights Commission on the Gaza conflict documented several instances of  Israelis firing on and killing Palestinians holding up white flags. Note especially Chapter XI, Deliberate Attacks against the Civilian Population, beginning on page 158. In a couple of cases, that investigation documented women emerging from houses waving white flags and being shot at.

The famous “Collateral Murder” video of a US Apache gunship attack in 2007 in Baghdad that killed 11, including a Reuters employee, was documented in a military video released by Wikileaks in 2010. The video includes this exchange:

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