over 80 murdered, 600 injured, and worse to come

over 80 murdered in gaza and 600 reporteldy injured, not to mention homes demolished, streets destroyed, animals killed, cars including ambulances destroyed… in less than three days. over 400 tons of bombs dropped on gaza in the first two days. in a place that was already lacking drinking water, vital medicine and medical equipment, gasoline, and many essentials due to an ongoing illegal and crippling blockade that many countries are complicit in. GAZA SPANS ONLY 360kmĀ², it’s smaller than many cities and home to 1,7 mio people who have experienced too many traumas already and who can still not leave (except a few injured who are allowed to leave through egypt since yesterday).


and netanyahu still refuses hamas’ offer of a ceasefire. because this campaign has been planned, is another zionist wet-dream-come-true, and because they don’t fear hamas rockets, attacks by ANYONE or SANCTIONS OF ANY KIND BY ANY ONE. instead they continue to announce much worse to come.

while western media and politicians continue to be complicit in war crimes and rendering people immune to palestinian suffering.

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