btselem: 10 cases of family members murdered when their houses were illegally bombed

the israeli human rights organisation btselem lists ten of the families whose family members (in some cases as many as 17 (some sources say 18) ) were murdered when their homes were intentionally bombed. this is a policy that is clearly contrary to international law and constitutes a war crime. see the report here

Kaware’ Family, 8 fatalities

Malakeh family, 3 fatalitie

Al-Masri family, 4 fatalities

a-Nawasrah family, 4 fatalities

Shalat family, one fatality

Al-Haj family, 8 fatalities

Al-Kas family, one fatality

Al-Ghanam family, 5 fatalities

Al-Batsh family, 17 fatalities

Al-Khatab family, one fatality

Hamad family, 6 fatalities (include Hafez Hamad)



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