reports indicate use of more illegal weapons against palestinians in gaza


there were previous reports of forbidden weapons used in this onslaught on gazans. This article quotes a norwegian physician mads gilbert who describes injuries that indicate the use of forbidden weapons in the current bombing of gazans.
“Israeli bombs cause injuries that cannot be immediately seen via x-ray,” Gilbert said, “After a period of time, the injury starts to bleed.”

“The material used in these bombs is uncommon, which explains why we cannot cure the injured parts, and in some cases doctors are forced to amputate them,” he says.

the electronic intifada quotes Dr. gilbert and youssef abul resh from the gaza ministry of health giving testimony of injuries that appear consistent with the use of DIME [dense inert material explosives] that have been tested on the population in gaza since they were first developed by the US military in 2006, as well as the use of “other banned weapons”. “DIME bombs contain tungsten, a cancer-causing metal that helps to produce incredibly destructive blasts which slice through flesh and bone, often decapitating the lower limbs of people within the blast radius.”

israel has repeatedly experimented with illegal weapons – or used weapons illegally – in gaza. during cast lead, israel used white phosphorous, NOT as a smoke screen in the air over uncrowded areas as it is intended to be used, but as a chemical weapon against civilians. when white phosphorus comes into contact with the human body, it painfully burns through all the tissue until it reaches the bone. during cast lead, 12 palestinians reportedly burned to a very painful death through white phosphorus and many ended up scarred or maimed for life. as usual, the israeli army first denied they used white phosphorus, then, when faced with evidence, claimed it only used it as a smoke screen, and then admitted it might have used it in populared areas as well. at one point, the army fully admitted its use when it stated its decision to no longer use white phosphorus because “it doesn’t photograph well”.

as usual, we won’t find out for sure until afterwards, but it has been well established that the zionists use gaza and the west bank as a laboratory for new weapons. “tested in the palestinian territories” actually guarantees the zionists a leading position in the weapon industry and at weapon fairs.

yotam feldman made a documentary about the israeli weapon industry. watch this report by the real news network about his film:

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