high court decided: bedouins have no right to shelters and state protection from rockets

while jewish citizens have bomb shelters, sirens, and other alert systems – in addition to the “iron dome” defence system – bedouins in the negev, who are also israeli citizens (but ethnically palestinian and therefore last class) have no protection at all. in fact, among the two “israelis” killed by rockets so far, one was a bedouin (and several bedouins were injured). human rights organisation acri filed a petition to the high court on sunday demanding shelters and other protection against rockets, but the court ruled in favor of the state, that bedouins in these areas should instead “lie on the ground” for protection.

not only do bedouins in the negev NOT have state-build shelters, they are also prohibited from building shelters or any structures really, as the state refuses to recognize the existense of their communities, although they lived in the negev before the zionists even proclaimed a state.

read the article here.

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