watch: ali abunimah explains why israel is losing (it IS)

monday, ali abunimah gave a kind of angry interview to al jazeera. he showed no patience for “we check all sides” blabla when a massacre had just happened and the death toll was only rising. he exposes the interviewer for repeating israeli talking points – which are a waste of time in these crucial, terrible days – and insisted to talk about the need for a ceasefire and about why the zionists and their backers (including some arab leaders) are hesitating. in essence, he says, since hamas is NOT backing down, does not even appear to be weakened in any way, AND the zionists on the other hand have one war crime after the other on their bloodied hands, the zionists are once again losing this war, like they did in lebanon in 2006. i’ll add that in strategic terms, the zionist also lose because hamas does NOT specifically attack israeli civilians (their rockets are the best weapons they can get and they are not very precise). as a side point, i do think hamas could probably attack civilians in one of their many “cross-border infiltrations” (though again, it is NOT a border) or get someone in the rest of palestine to plant a bomb, etc., but don’t because as they have stated saturday, they choose to target the military, not residential areas.

in this article, abunimah explains it’s only in strategical terms that israel is losing. of course, in terms of life, lifelihood, memories, homes, friends, families, dignity, etc., it’s still almost exclusively palestinians who are being robbed – brutally, and again and again. i tend to agree, but more on that later.

read the article, watch the video, it’s very good.


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