not a religious war: jewish voice for peace activists arrested in NYC protesting against gaza massacres

since these days, one is faced with misinformed people on various sides (including within some so-called -pro-palestinian communities outside of palestine that have NO idea about the actual history and reality of the “conflict”) that repeat the zionist myth of a religious “muslims/palestinians against jews” conflict, i feel moved to post once in a while about jews protesting against the ongoing ethnic cleansing of palestine. in reality, it feels ridiculous to even do this, because OF COURSE there are jews against zionism, there are jews, even israeli ones, standing side by side with palestinians facing soldiers in the west bank and east jerusalem (not allowed into gaza) all the time (even if they are few), it shouldn’t be an issue. but since ppl make it one….

yesterday, leading jewish voice for peace (who i don’t always love entirely) activists did some sort of “civil disobedience” thing (some did a die-in apparently, i thought i read somewhere that they read the names of those killed in gaza in the past two-plus weeks, but maybe it was something else) at the offices of “friends of the IDF” (organisation that supports the occupation army). nine members were arrested.

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