photostory by anne: baker family bombed again, one killed, 20 injured, home gone

anne took pictures of what’s left of the buildings and her collague ala qandil wrote the article.

the baker’s are the family from which four children were bombed on the beach last week – in front of practically all international (and many local) journalits in gaza. it was well documented that the army actually targetted  the boys specifically as they were running away from the site of an earlier missile hit. they were on an open beach, no place to hide, perfect visibility, and they were bombed and killed. this did cause a little bit of outrage, if only because the international journalits were so shocked to have this done in front of their eyes, a little sense of ownership seemed to have developed.

since then, almost 400 other people, including children, have been killed, some of them beheaded by shelling or missiles. over 4000 people are now severely injured, entire families continue to be whiped out, families and even whole villages (such as the village al siafa in the north) trapped and with food and water running out. and the outcries are silenced, people are already used to news of horrors coming out of gaza, another house bombed? another number of palestinians killed? unless it’s something newsworthy, it’s not worth reporting. now, a death of an israeli – since there were so few and since we are made to identify with them – that’s another story. a death of a soldier even (though hopefully, they will eventually stop making these human interest portrays about the killed soldiers, their dreams when they emigrated to “israel” and grasped their supremacy over the indigineous people of the land (i want to puke).

apparently, german media is even discussing whether images out of gaza are to be shown or not as they might harm the zionist image…

here, here are the article about the bombing of two baker homes that resulted in the killing of hassan al baker, the injury of 20 others, the homelessness of the extended family and yet more trauma.

Like many homes, the Bakr family home was targeted in an Israeli air strike over Gaza, killing the Hassan the owner and injuring 20 others.

Funeral ceremony for Hassan Khader Bakr, killed by an Israeli attack over al-Shati camp on 22 July (AA).
Ala Qandil and Anne Paq's picture

Hassan Khader Bakr knew that if a missile hits his home, it could prove deadly for his neighbours who live close by under tin roofs. 

Bakr lived in al-Shati refugee camp, a densely-populated area with many structures covered by tin or other weak material.

On Monday night, the Israeli army called Hassan and informed him that his house would be targeted in a few minutes. He immediately tried to warn his neighbours and then ran out onto the street.

But it was too late.

The first “warning missile” hit Hassan as he stood in the doorway of his house, said eye-witnesses in the neighbourhood. He was killed in the attack, while at least 20 others were injured.

A neighbour, Abdelkarim Areeh told the Middle East Eye, that the first so-called warning missile was packed with marbles which scattered in all directions.

“We all got hurt on our legs and arms. My seven children went to Shifa hospital last night, but now they are back,” said Areeh.

Two missiles which then hit Bakr’s house, destroyed it and caused the roof of the adjacent home – belonging to Bakr’s brother and his family – to collapse.

“I don’t think we will ever come back here. Everything is destroyed,” said, Atimad Bakr, Hassan’s sister-in-law and mother of now ten homeless children. 

Last week, four of the Bakr boys were playing on the beach in the port area of Gaza city, when Israeli navy strikes targeted and killed them.

According to Al-Mezan human rights centre, nearly 3000 houses have been damaged or destroyed by the recent Israeli attacks. Half of the Gaza victims [now more than 600] have been killed inside their homes.


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