940 killed in gaza and 12 in the west bank this week alone

about gaza:

ben white: “According to #Gaza‘s MoH, Israel has killed 900 Palestinians and wounded 6,000 (as of 09.25 26 July). This includes 20 members of the al-Najjar family who died when Israel shelled a building in Khan Yunis early morning today. They had already fled Khuza’a, and the horrors you can read about here: http://bit.ly/1qD55yt. A 12-hour humanitarian truce went into effect at 08.00 local time – however, the IDF said it will continue to “locate & neutralise” tunnels during this window, and has also warned displaced residents not to return home. The most recent UN OCHA update (correct as of 15.00 25 July) recorded 649 civilians killed by Israel, 76% of the then total fatalities. 92 UNRWA installations have sustained damage, along with 18 hospitals and clinics (http://bit.ly/1pVrkdN). In the West Bank, meanwhile, Israeli forces and settlers have killed 9 Palestinians since Thursday. A total of 13 Palestinians have been killed in one week in the West Bank (11 by soldiers, 2 by settlers). Israel confirmed 2 soldiers killed in Gaza Friday evening, raising the military death toll to 37. 2 Israeli civilians & Thai worker have also been killed.

ashira hakan: “Prior to the 12-hour ceasefire going into effect, Israel intensified its shelling and bombing of Gaza. 28 Palestinians killed, 20 from one single family. Al-Najjar family left its home in the village of Khuza’a to seek refuge in Khan Younis refugee camp south of Gaza after their village was heavily shelled. The area where they settled was bombed by Israeli warplanes minutes before this morning’s ceasefire took effect. They are no longer here. Among those killed were 11 children and 4 women. Those identified thus far are: Khalil Al-Najjar, Jana Al-Najjar, Samir Al-Najjar, Ikhlas Al-Najjar, Husam Al-Najjar, Amna Al-Najjar, and Iman Al-Ruqob. Another day in Gaza, another family perished

in the west bank, in addition to one killed tuesday by a settler and two wednesday in hossan by soldiers, AND two in the historic clashes at qalandia checkpoint thursday night, SEVEN were killed during protests yesterday. there have been massive clashes in many other places.

the west bank and east jerusalem (my guess is palestinians in 48 as well) are FURIOUS and on the streets. it’s been years since it last happened to this extent. my hope is that this will scare the zionists enough to stop the massacre in gaza AND agree to lift the siege. otherwise, my hope is that people won’t be calmed, as worrying as that is for me, and as much as i wished i was there. it’s even harder now not to be in palestine, and i worry for people personally, yes, but i am PROUD of people and hopeful,

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