update: UN school bombed, at least 46 killed this morning alone, warning to evacuate “buffer zone”


according to the ministry of health, at least 1,255 palestinians were killed since july 8 until 7 am local time this morning and 7100 were injured. according to the palestinian ministry of health, almost 5000 homes were completely destroyed to date (747 residential buildings destroyed or damaged according to UN ocha yesterday).

this morning ani blog on palestine and resistanceother one of the 83 UN schools that currently shelter  a total of 200,400 internally displaced people was bombed this morning. at least 19 people were murdered and an estimated 90 were injured when the UNRWA school in jabalia refugee camp was bombed.

unrwa spokesperson chris gunnes:

“Tens of thousands may soon be stranded in the streets of Gaza, without food, water and shelter if attacks on these areas continue”

“This is the 6th time 1 of our schools has been struck in #Gaza fighting. Our staff are being killed. Our shelters are overflowing”

“UNRWA condemns in the strongest possible terms this serious violation of international law by Israeli forces”

“Precise location of Jabalia Elementary Girls School #Gaza & that it housed 3,000 displaced was communicated to Israeli army 17 times”

“These are people who were instructed to leave their homes by the Israeli army”

“There were multiple civilian deaths and injuries including of women and children and the UNRWA guard who was trying to protect the site”

“We believe there were at least three impacts. It is too early to give a confirmed official death toll”

“Our initial assessment is that it was Israeli artillery that hit our school, in which 3,300 people had sought refuge”

“We have visited the site and gathered evidence. We have analysed fragments, examined craters and other damage”

“Children killed in their sleep; this is an affront to all of us, a source of universal shame. Today the world stands disgraced #Gaza”

“Last night, children were killed as they slept next to their parents on the floor of a classroom in a UN designated shelter in #Gaza”

unrwa commissioner general pierre krähenbühl:

“This is 6th time one of our @UNRWA schools has been struck. Our staff leading int’l response are being killed. This is a breaking point.”

“Children, women and men killed & injured as they slept in place where they should have been safe and protected. They were not. ”

“I strongly condemn today’s Israeli shelling of @UNRWA school in Jabalia #Gaza. No words to adequately express my anger and indignation.”

this morning alone, at least 45 people where reportedly murdered in the gaza strip.

yesterday, over 120 people were reportedly murdere

in gaza. among those killed were 13 members of the agha family in khan younis.

the occupiers warned anyone living in the unilaterally declared (and arbitrarily expanded) “buffer zone” – which currently has a width of 3 km and therefore comprises over 44% of the gaza strip – to evacuate, except for three locations. according to UN ocha’s report yesterday, over 240,000 palestinians in gaza are currently displaced and seeking shelter with unrwa schools, government schools, other public buildings, churches, mosques and friends or relatives.

after the occupation army bombed the only power plant in gaza yesterday, the power plant stopped operating. experts say that given the criminal siege, it will take a year to get it to function again (and it wasn’t functioning at full capacity before due to repeated attacks).

see anne’s pictures of the aftermath of the bombing of al shati refugee camp yesterday during which at least 10 children were murdered.


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