at least 21 murdered in the west bank since july 8, including 12 year old child

while the death toll in gaza last night was at 1959 martyrs since july 8 and aroudn 11000 injured according to the moh’s latest update, three palestinians were murdered in three separate incidents over last weekend and one palestinian was run over by a settler, bringing the death toll in the west bank to at least 21 since july 8.

yesterday, mohammad abu isleim (aroud 23 years old) was murdered by a settler colonist who ran him over with his car near salfit in the central west bank. settler colonists frequently run palestinians over in their cars, sometimes causing injuries, and sometimes murdering them. with utter impunity. after a video of a settler colonists running a palestinian child over in east jerusalem surfaced a few years ago, the incident was cynically used as an advertisement for the power of the car (read more about this specific case and the practise of running over palestinians in general here). this is how dehumanized israeli discourse is when it comes to palestinians (i could post daily images or videos of israelis asking for more murder, soldiers celebrating a specific murder, people wearing disgustingly genocidal t-shirts, etc.).

nader issa (40) was shot during heavy clashes in hebron on friday. my friend issa amro says that nader was just watching the clashes, not participating in any way (not that throwing stones at an invading army is reason enough to shoot someone dead). he succumbed to his wounds in hospital.

sunday, 12 year old khalil mohammad ahmad anati was shot dead in front of his home in al fawar refugee camp in the southern west bank. witnesses say he was playing in front of his home when a soldier shot him dead.

khalil anas anati, 12, shot dead in al fawar refugee camp in front of his house

khalil anas anati, 12, shot dead in al fawar refugee camp in front of his house














sunday night, hisham al azaar (24) was murdered in a targetted assassination in nablus (targetted assassinations are illegal). during the operation that killed him, the neighboring apartment was attacked and Ishera al Azaar, her daughters manal (15) and nawal (7) and her son jalal (4) were injured as well.

17 others were shot dead in the west bank and east jerusalem before. see al haq’s report here.

several others were injured with either rubber coated steel bullets or life ammunition in various places over the weekend. settlers continue to attack and kill.

hundreds have been arrested over the past few weeks (i am not sure of numbers, but i read recently that the numbers of detainees doubled. i read every day of large numbers of arrests, so it is not difficult to imagine that several thousand might have been arrested in the past weeks). there are reports of even worse abuse than usual in the occupiers military prisons. in addition, an unknown number of palestinians from gaza were detained and illegally transported into prisons in 48/”israel”. it is still unclear how many from gaza were detained. recently, there was a report that 26 are to be charged, but some fear that several hundred might have been detained. there are reports of executions and of extreme abuse and torture.

up to 150 could have been detained from khoza'a during the massacre in july

up to 150 could have been detained from khoza’a during the massacre in july

it is absurd that it is generally assumed that the occupier largely (there are exceptions of attacks on gaza in the last few days) adheres to a ceasefire while it’s army and facist colonists continue to downright assassinate, shoot dead, and arrest palestinians in the rest of palestine (things in jerusalem are not better than in the west bank and although i have no information, i would imagine that arrests and repression of palestinians continue in 48/”israel” as well).


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