PLO BRIEF:during gaza bombing, occupation murdered, constructed colonies, demolished homes en masse in the West Bank and East Jerusalem

this is significant, as the bombing of gaza was once again used to advance the colonization of the rest of palestine (the brief gives no info about the repression and harassment of palestinians inside “israel/territory seized in 48”). as the ceasefire holds (though it will continue to be breached at times by the occupier and though – given the status quo – the occupation can decide ANY TIME to launch into another round of genocidal bomibing), we will see much more detention, harassment, attacks, displacement, colony construction and murder in the west bank and occupied east jerusalem.

according to this media brief by the PLP, from june 13 to august 26, the occupation
– (settlers/soldiers) murdered 32 Palestinians in the #WestBank and #EastJerusalem
– build 1472 new settler colony units for approximately 6000 future settler colonists
– conducted 1753 military raids in WB and EJ
– set up at least 1187 fying checkpoints in the WB and EJ (because a lot of what they declared “jerusalem” is actually WB territory)
– nurtured at least 249 settler attacks, including the brutal murder of mohammad abu kheir, and gave rise to almost almost daily attacks by settler gangs
– demolished 50 palestinian owned structures in EJ and WB, “displacing 112 Palestinians, including 66 children and 34 women. 8 of the demolitions took place in Occupied East Jerusalem”

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