the gap

i was unable to write for a few weeks, and by then, more palestinians had been murdered; more were imprisoned; more were injured, tear gassed, beaten, skunked, tasered, pepper sprayed, evicted from homes, harrassed and attacked by colonists/settlers, denied the right to receive visitors; more homes and other structures were demolished, more trees uprooted, more demolition orders handed out, more colonies built; bassem tamimi was released and placed under partial house arrest in ramallah and forbidden to set foot in his village nabi saleh; khader adnan was released after 66 days of hunger strike; hana shalabi went on hunger strike in protest against her imprisonment without charges and was eventually deported to gaza, where family members and friends from her home near jenin will not be able to visit her; a massive collective hunger strike began inside the jails of the occupier, demanding once and for all an end to administrative detention, to solitary confinement, to denial of what are considered prisoners’ rights; freedom fighters in egypt have once more been killed, maimed, beaten and imprisoned while continuing to stand up to the SCAF, etc.

i will skip all that and continue with the next post.



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